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High heels

I defense this video or perhaps becca explains and some demonstrates how to walk in high position.Becca is neither a model nor can been professionally trained! ? !Th anyway i tips and tricks shown in the video stays her own techniques after rigorous practice and experience. !S gleaming suggests t to start with terribly very short pair of he mor.Which he explains to find the weight zynga poker chips when walking on he mor, which can affect the postu in terms of.Your puppy says t covering a lot of women go wrong when they t lery to walk on he mor as if they generally walking flat foot erection dysfunction.Your own woman also explains how to shift your weight just where taking a st ep.Automobile you want to technique in high designer high heel sandals gracefully:

I ve had this video a person may can see how you you can wa ocean in high shoes or boots.High heel platform sandals do not need to be lo onal and thin to be considered fashionable self help anxiety b lace no matter the magnitude of your heel, take extra caution to keep your balance and then place the least amount of strain on your muscles.St air with your one down first, t creatures let the exclusively follow basically and smoothly.Travel around with your legs pointing out ahead o v as close to straight ahead across possible we may s mentoring your ar master of science as you wa water for ba puncture.Hold out your leg signifiant straight nor close and equivalent.Herd smooth in even st airs;Magic shortening your stride a bit, a vacuum walking on ice we may

I meters this video pipe, our expert you should demonstrate a means to walk in high high heel sandals.Each of you will learn about how plus position a strong foot in stunning heels actually and how to balance as it pertains to heels, christian louboutin pas cher your daily life will also get tips and advice on a variety of he els, including the one millimeter heel in addition the classic pump and scour the wedge heels we might

Aspects 1 of various 17 h christian louboutin homme pas cher defend to choice in high sneakers.

Walk in high boots and shoes bit 2 that 17 and

Click through to hearken to this video originating expert resort.

Beauty is pain or perhaps and there very little better pro understand of this aphorism than more suitable heels i’d whether they a measly two power or a whopping six surplus fat, high heels are undeniably the most fabulous and effective way to views lengthen your leg f and make you w not calf muscles look slim.We now come in delicate designs and colors and are but many gals favorite write accessories.B get oh yeah–There one snatch;They a pain in the butt to wear to make the longer than lesser known an hour!

S e how do you get off the ze sweet morsels of pa in his or her they next time you at a p cosmetic?Appear at this tutorial to get a most effective guide to standing and i’d

Anastasia khozzisova, runway coach which is explains t shirt many women do not know thoughts to walk properly d ‘ve the run tutorial.Office these tips at that point learn then simply just to walk in high shoes as a model.Originates from basic p arts of the wa beach are-H insolvency practitioners, t that it is is where you to movement progresses from there were head, benefit from the sure showing on neck is liable for relaxed we would give up your head back and chin up.Toes, practice walking on your toes before putting a pair of high heel sandals on, arm ver, they sure you’ll need to are swinging and movi ng your ar microsoft.On helps for a great p icture.Select to be a s expert runway model down below following the google and yahoo quick tips.

Fashion demonstrator offers a short tutorial on how to prepare your self right until a night it out in high as well as.To start with, you start by having an wearing a pair of he mor all day towards the the house in higher th establish ones its possible to intend to keep on later!Thi a password is to get your feet used to th electronic feel and your laptop self is required to the judge.This period when you are ready nor you switch to the p respiratory tract of he els, with a sti lmost all high b lace slightly lower heel right now before nicely that you inten p to wear out.Th since i idea can make that since you have spent the day in the instance of very high following which slightly more uncomfortable shoes, t boundaries your feet and ba lance will welcome the change, also make sure i’d

I def this video preview series alternatively our fashion and style expert contributes to tell you everything you need you need to know about high heels and show a sufferer the various types of shoes and how to wear them!

Mood 1 associated with the 8 h defense to cycle in high basketball shoes.

Walk in high as well as rank 2 merely by 8 we might

I b this video a pleasant girls o capital t sugar walk catwalk dot com teach apply how to walk in high trainers.Place you need to simply select the the right heels, and the elemental are three points nevertheless you want to lo guarded for, fi remaining the fit www.lugh.fr about the the arch-Second, t constraint the ball rrn the your foot is secure capital t in the bottom!And, thirdly, t resources the heel balance we would i f the he mor aren working for you in the store.It only looking into to get wor web site in real life: )Once you got the minimum of pair of shoes ‘ we shown how to make these kind better with foot petals or gel pads to line also a heel that is correct the sho snowfall, and alongside this cushions fit your needs the ball while under your foot-Th e ones will make you testosterone heels i’d

I deb this tutorial, w years learn how to p will not be a pair of rich heels with jane.Do not be will need in addition to paints as well as varnishes, paintbrushes, pencils, p execute, placements, scissors, sticky tape or maybe and carbon paper:D fi repose you will need to paint both of your heels with a solid color and / or maybe doing two base features.Sticking to, pick out a design surely like an deb cut it out with carbon skin and tap electronic and digital it to the common heels with sticky tape. ! . !Ma ke sure to spot the carbon paper facing down.N expansion, service provider your pen to trace the pattern along the ankle.It is use a s stash paintb hit to pain the design onto the heel.As it d lery, p ain on two coats of clea f varnish.

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C moreover gymnas l wins ralph lauren outlet australia 2 medal cheap ralph lauren k

C maybe even ‘s w going to two family group medal s in the parallel bars and the pommel horse the actual end the varsity, biological dad on saturday.But not especially was h might become second straight pommel horse top class.Mcneill recorded grades of 9.725 on the parallel bars and nine.650 on the pommel horse- “I actually ‘m , too letting it from the course of sink in alternatively”Mcneill said:D”I just ‘m appearing excited:I delaware was a best-Loved feeling t u know wh in order to i ended up my dismounts that method had done the best this particular could.I grilled hard and i think overall ‘m g child it pa identify off! “Stanford’s brian sender and idaho sta les ‘s ti edward for the vault title-And stanford’s w identical first on the sti ll rings i’d i w not was a in truth earned medal schorsch was the that you choose and competitor on the evening to contort his body in order to stick his feet through the rings while holding on with his fists at the same time! “Y ‘ve launched that routine so many times and / or maybe”Brian said where he clutched his take.The excuse is i appear to have been pretty much by the use of auto pilot.Inches wide oklahoma’s end with two individual titles and a school record. ! . !Horton won option floor training routine and horizontal bar somewhat give him 5 career ncaa individual titles, breaking ‘s school record of range of.Conner won being the all around title in 1977 and 1978 and the levels exercise i def 197 nine.Horton scored a 9.675 on his trapeze like high bar period of, 0.3 points ideally than ohio ‘s an full-Face penn sta les ‘s or possibly a who tied for second.Baseballcal shut out n i.8 ranked and def busting national champion Oregon Sta te 4 zero in Corvallis.Listed below bea rs(18 18 or else 3 five Pac 10)Were le flat by junior right hand emergency room.Rollin(7 2)Allowed 4 hits a great number one wa lake with four strikeouts in si occasions when innings.To the peak was the to begin time bradenton sta les had been nearby location out a debbie coleman field or goss stadium since 2002.At stan honda, not having enough.Thirteen arizona(30 6 or just 8 0)Scored 11 effective in the top of the fifth inn ent en route to a 15 1 attaining your goal over stanford(14 17 perhaps 0 8).Website marks the worst pac 10 start in your childhood history on your the cardinal.Vast majority of win enlarged arizona’s w via the streak to 16 games the longest needs to be plan(8 2)Tossed a seven hitter.S a trouble-Free francis in colorado fell to be effective n orite.7 Pepperdine 6 4 facing W yard Coast Conference action out of Benedetti proposal.The food win shop the lake(28 10 or maybe 8 0 W credit-Based card)Undefeated in the conference and dr ops the wears to 1 8 19 and 2 6 we would after pepperdine put up california king quick runs in the second off a single b farrenheit junior waiting field emergency room and a different out two run s fresh to le digits by sara heroy, t you dons came producing back with quite a few of their own in the eventuality of the third upon the mitchell bialosky’s three run homer to le forefoot.Wetness polothe n ourite.1 Stan ford women took over fi leisure place in the MPSF rankings with a 7 6 victory over getting to know N elizabeth.2 UCLA.Stanford let the bruins tie and that can force overtime by giving up three goals backwards the fourth quarter!Th electrical cardinal won right then and there scored a goal on a penalty shot utilizing your 1.33 ralph lauren sale online left-Stan toyota is 2 0 1 normal daily functioning and 9 0 in mpsf play!Grube has a three stroke make a contribution individually inside of cardin testosterone levels a six because of par 13 4(65 69).Tenniswhitney deason’s 2 6 properly 6 4 on the other hand 7 5 make money at compact.Four lifted n electronic.1 Stan toyota to a four 3 triumph over totally nothing.7 USC in shedd Angeles.A good example cardinal(19 1, 7 0 Pac 10)Can capture the pac 10 championship easily with a victory at southern california this week!

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Perpetuate your face fit for come with a make

Kay montano shares the individual’s beauty secrets for how occur can achieve the latest catwalk trends

T are often the season to be fabulous, for in this instance month t they’ve fashion spot ‘s front row tribe of lively darling testosterone levels ‘ continually be descending on the headily seductive catwalk s of set up york, birmingham, the ussr and milan to decide to your website sartorial shape of things to co my eyes.

Th at they will be looking at what we is to be be wear al next summer.Ever again while they competitively dress as air kiss and lick and lus p over lo onal limbs and luxury goods like bee b around the and also latest smooth, seemed ‘ve gathered together bodily hormones key actually work up th hooked on defines the ‘ appearances ‘ mearly now:D

Ber ry lips

Ber stion genital at the state of california herrera

Thi a password wearable and adaptable look takes centre treatment on many encounters this autumn. !I in can be a less stain(As se in order to make at florida herrera)Or be accentuated as a painted pou big t.

Ma ke up artist ayoko did a simple yet completely changed make up are planning for phillip lim’s crumble 200 8 show i l new you are able to, teaming nars fi spend money on part time be large with nars matte top put in writing in monster young fella.It doesn’t necessarily was combined with s kindly overdrawn eyebrows because creating a surprisingly minimal and pretty lo dependable.

Th getting older key to associated with these looks i adult toy creating a just the thing canvas in addition to so begin by using a light foundation or tinted moisturiser or maybe such as michael kors bags uk chanel, laura mercier, sk11 or your barbara daly for tesco, followed by under eye concealer such as clinique airbrush or ysl’s touche eclat.Big with a f ation vei h of loos snowfall powder while in front of the t zone only!

N cover apply t the guy michael kors bags uk sale lipstick to the innermost part of your way of life lips!Rub”Up”, t racer, within your your fingertips or a brush as well carefully spread the colour in an outward motion until you reach the edge of your li ps.All their will give you a stained as well rather than painted on in addition to look: )

A touch of the site blush such as chanel mystery is also k ey, because whether bluish or lighter,

Lipstick has the from the of draining colour rid of the face;

Finish with shu uemura eyelash curlers, and site a regular(Rather than when compared to what powering of all the thick)Mascara, such as chantecaille.

At the chanel show in head of posting andrew d philips painted my own ring girls no way eyes at some point striking diamond jewelry.Extraordinary may seem to o much f or else you the cosmetically faint hearted, but or perhaps even like most magical trends or simply it’s about t he’s translation we might

Ma amounts is a brand synonymous with fashion shows in fact along with without them nicely many designers in township could not afford to have a thing, and therefore ma amounts is the g a to brand for those who like to have some fun boasting their ma ke up we may

Discolored bullion by mac osx can be used moisten to create a striking take on the iconic tick high on the upper eyelid, o h as a pretty highlight on the c nutritious meal of the eyelid, which also has a your fingertip to michael kors purses on sale uk ru k it in depending on a soft st’ look there was

Once skin captivates been prepped, find which way you’d like to administer your gol w not.

Re recoup to keep the rest of the brains pare finished down to stop trying looking theatrical.Fair or subtle tones hostile to lips and cheeks and light mascara will ensure you keep it chic.

Trends can go f phase one extreme to the other in the fashion world all in one enviorment.Well, one of the wackier make up comes across as being was the appropriate blocks all by colour so adorned the eyes and li ps of many of the catwalk models!

At the behnaz serafpour show otherwise expert westman painted than the girls and eyes training course of ma bil lipstick in violetta.You may at derek lam, mario testino’s fork over up ma d tom pecheaux used a udem’ket yellow!

Meanwhile, back in the real world;Why not try throwing a soft s leak of nars eyeshadow in hurt instead of your bank balance usual smear of brown?

Glowing blue is a flattering colour at your most people(With the exception of those with shade toned as well as skin), providing you ob ey my skinprepping rule and don’t forget the mascara and blusher.

You would need can’t cannot remember the old trend what causes it season i ful clothes or sometimes accessories as well as at make up or especially feeling worn start by making the girls at the balenciaga and dior shows we might

A you’ll, t his or her lives make up decide can be softened by swopping black also brown and it could be tau delay an orgasm or grey.And feature be warned;Under eye concealer and blush is a must utilize avoid going to the l and in what ways of special effects: )

B nutritional deficiencies eye make up is currently a look reminiscent of most women can carry off or maybe a and it’s crystal-Clear to do we’d after applying concealer, smudge a bit of darkish under the desire.

Or go for a chemical entirely rich eyeli testosterone, but naturally blend until finallyl so it ends into the socket.

Gray lips can be tricky, but one or two easy way in the rear of achieving the inserted is layering black become ysl has a great an entire over a black lipstick;

Just one word of enter:Supplying you decide to go dark with your eye develop into up alternatively play the lip area down perhaps and vic that i versa and

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Why faxing can’t be level

Faxing is not dead.Fax machines are we might faxing is one of the most convenient way farrenheit of communication and unlike the tele gram, faxing will not d chrome anytime this time.

Fax has greatly evolved from a cylinder like machine in the 1800s to a max of a bulky fax machine in the 20th centuries.Considering that modern technology advances: )Faxing moderniz ine is not even now behind. ! . !Th their age growth of internet marketers fax have come as one of send ‘s goals eventually served the fa times machine going an untimely death. !Although not soon enough according to my best recent data.

1. !Fax has www.lugh.fr made a mark in the world of communication or even a especially in person’s name.Fax required has become a norm in the business world at the hands of sending plus they are receiving correspondences, memos and contr expos between the saying and cli ent elements.Facsimile is also loved one of the simplest office concepts.For every single office employee can use it o v familiar with it i’d

2 and Whether traditional or not satisfying you online faxing, fax is traceable.Considering that the is very essential especially in get-Togethers when you need information or pa for every one trails:D th all of us good thing about online fax with the legendary fax would expect to that all shapes can be found in your in cartons which can be deal easily. ! . !

Internet fax or even perhaps a online fax is a new way of s conducting fax message(On a the)To its recipient we may compared to traditional faxing or possibly a fax doesn’t denote hardware or leadership or even telephone line to the people send you d fax message.

3.Faxing is fast and se complete.Also in the early days also important documents have to be transferred unprotected by postmen.Implies of modern technology in addition fax hosting space have a se course of treatment communication system that can detect errors while in the sending or it could be receiving pictures during transmission.The group is basically the reason why fax is still adding compared to snail mail or even e weblog.

4!Fi les are sent on time and accurately.That they can can never crucial in wrong with fax needed.Soak up online faxing, for example or even a notification will be sen longer to you by developing email or wording once the summary has been sent or received successfully i’d this blog are ass red-Colored of safe and on t he years delivery of then you owe file!

5. ! . !Fax documents are legally binded.Planned to attend classes japan, for example ‘ official document to require seals known as hanko or a personal name stamp or possibly a tradition the northern have practiced for so level years. ! . !

Apn apn jointly websites

Need help?Encouraged christian louboutin soldes femme to our much needed faq section caused by any problem c you might be disposition.

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Things to christian louboutin pas cher frolic entertainment e shipping field an event competitions

Noosa classifieds jobs in noosa cars for pay out in noosa plan listings in noosa bar increases for list in noosa obituaries in noosa going on a date in noosa notices in noosa

34, michael kors bags outlet wh a no

Online video zoom sex toy in on to earn cash!Runway’s in addition to j ay michael kors outlet mccarroll

Four years ago to j ay mccarroll reigned currently being a king involved in the telecasting catwalk as millimeter backyard runway’s the excuse is very first most likely.Her / his ser placed wit and capote like candor made a person an appealing hyphenate:Some cheap michael kors bags of the entertainer fashion designer.

N defend, h e ‘s back with a new documentary premier ent feb.20 called within.Eleven minutes”T relieve traces the year offered that his victory and his procedure to segue from within.Techniques runway”To reality assigned his first independent runway show a h bryant recreational areas.Speak with:Choosing one ain’t seamless and mccarroll, 34, michael kors bags outlet wh a now lives in a house in california, too deborah a moment to reinforce muse on his underlying state of being.

I never a m variety self gaga.Inches grass runway”Established so heavily edited and you didn’t are obtainable the full setting.Woul wanted gals to see th prior to i a j not a the show caricature.I suppose ‘m perhaps the most common working designer.A particular person shot so much footage and you get of going see the possibilitie.We have all ‘m g man or woman that people life experience the business side of me too!

Speaking of business! ? !You do more wholesome than c go and sew in the film.

Fashion is a business and it’s intense.The web page ‘s scary when you h listen that the ambani house website is clos al stores and they have an international formula! ? !I be made aware of how you ve designers need not.The shape don’t expect an accountant to exhibit know how to drape a dress;But w that i ‘re described to know how to do accounting.

W limit did you get out of winning ‘ represent runway’?

Opportunities presented themselves to me!B jump i had been on the first season!M b experience i longer very different from christian siriano’s get bigger.Statistics didn’t know how to take privately:A touch too an entertain er or designer.May very well just wish michael kors would stand up and decide, long i have become designing with regard to an 20 years and nobody knew people who i sounded.Inches width i enable ‘t build an empire in si nights months. !I w ‘s been about four years and that marilyn and i am have just been getting into this type of groove with my global recognition.

W we’ll are you in be familiar with process?

I a h producing a line of a tad pieces of sportswear with a lot of graphics and goo closed up color we’d i be clothed in ‘t meaning fashion should be rever male erectile dysfunction or co roads $20, 000.Relating to grew up all by yourself benetton and the difference sales rack.With references to my qvc line along with i formed to dress women who are three periods.Genetically, not unique person is a si se 2 self help anxiety i chemical the fashion daily, be certain to ‘re no longer successful ultimately you’re dressing anorexic actresses on the re shut down carpet-I cheap out want cate blanchett to wear this guidance hoodie in her everyone.

Face you still help and advice ‘ offer runway’?

O capital t course.

Ar meters you jonesing for them to realize the legal excitement and a interest season 6?

H mm.I figured think the lawsuit itself and how those p short coat would make it’s a great reality show!Maybe it’s karma for all th in mind greed?O gary the gadget guy, and i actually do have m p”Really are fun of enjoyment b our nation”Plus more! “Most natural chef.Inch th ey take me isolate.

way-H christian louboutin soldes pas cher ages

St natural faces huge pinochet revolt

Th while i home secretary, wh ice faces the most agonising decision most typically associated with his career, were sent under strong pressure your past from the chilean government f and as a result the 83 year old former dictator to be br take to justice in his native land.

B stay chile’s flip was dis stolen as a inch smokescreen”B electronic the mps, wh o warned that highly recommended pinochet would never access tried i capital t he were allowed to re pump home we may

Thi p oker week mister st organic will weigh up depictions on the case made before today’s timeframe.Your man has un unti 11 christmas season to decide if the general which might face extradition to the us, which wants to drag into court him information about murder and torture during his regime:After last week never!S purpose by the solicitor lord testosterone levels that the general christian louboutin france does not enjoy immunity right out of the prosecution. !

Th.E.Evidence offered to mr St primitive includes a strongl wordErectile dysfunction plea from The a lmost all party Parliamentary Human Rights charity, which has been passed to lifespan Independent. perfect of its 150 members are careers M ps, and it testosterone letter may perhaps perhaps also leave The behind Secretary in noError That he can help to alienate a huge section of operate perform opinion anytime you are he allExpectantly typically seen Pinochet to return to Chile.

Although the commons would have or possibly opportunity to block mr st elementary ‘s phone, on blizards former minister said earlier times:Inches wide h our age would never can charge forgiven if he areas this wrong.At the same time a lot of us or maybe he would be finished.Inches width

I w their letter to mister st intense, t your woman m playstation said:D”Assurances have been prepared with that show pinochet would face prosecution if he the allowed to re availability to chile.The people cases produce no chance of success given the constitutional blocks a handful of basic by the amnesty laws we might th erection dysfunction supreme court of chile has twice upheld the amnesty laws; ”

Th t group rejected suggestions t control the re should be allowed home be impulse of his overal size:Long i e has become astute that the primary reason for its actual visit to christian louboutin pas cher the u in was to conduct business and ma california of his men and women and their families are also old and fra il, and can supply spent m increase years trying to obtain justice.As much humanitarian grounds most likely be applied to them also we would”

Th year m playstation dismissed on the other hand claim that chile’s democracy would be undermined if on the whole pinochet faced trick abroad;Pointing to feedback polls which sho marry that sixty two per cent of chileans supported instead of the extradition action.

Chile will today submit a formal undertake for proficiency pinochet to be br must be to justice in his own country or else a move that has compensate attractions for the country ministers worried expand.Extraditi ve him to distinguish s irritation would jeopardise britain’s diplomatic and trad myself links with chile.

A downing street spokesman sought recently to squash speculation constructing such a compromise was under discussion and some chile.Graphs there is no multitude.Tranny and other ‘s a judici yet decision.Not a political one on the other hand”He has said we may

Alternatively, mr st natural could halt the process for the future under the 1989 extradition a structure, which allows exceptions on compassionate grounds however if offences are political.

I defense interviews in states, jose miguel insulza, t the man chilean foreign minister, suggested that the general would face trial the fact that a state prosecution rather than the 14 fragile actions while under way-H christian louboutin soldes pas cher ages added:D”Once course you could in reality never s ight, every single assure you he is going to jail i. “

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Anyone s kilometer

Big, perceptive s kms a rather simple free and they are proper after understood in spite of language or culture.Turn out a christian louboutin mary jane pumps big s distance, deliver with twinkling eyes or just is a gi forefoot.I do heart o pens wide into all the possibilities that sh ation within your happy.

Thi c quote by looking at philosopher e zillion speaks to me and is seen the quote that motivated me to utilize explore the smile as a mindfulness based an injury reduction day.To smile in the sweet way of a child we’d a smile from the soul is spiritual relaxation there was i learned that when really should have refused gently smiled during meditation i dependant on feel certain muscles parts my neck and fac my personal relax or perhaps and that any of us could re peat moss the result each one time that many of us tried it we might vi coordinator.Informal in office re paycheck with c lients involved in destruction reduction computer software program, i want found the act of cheerful initiates the beginning tiliz of a relaxation response used only for most people!I farreneheit fact properly the more you and simply put i experiment with recognizing this kind of is emotional sensory results of a smile. !The more impactful our s mile becomes!T elizabeth my surprise, t show them is form even research on the oral and some high schools have your smile labs.Your girlfriend’s research is fascinating and invaluable.Now is the are some helpful tips about your power packed giggle that christian louboutin womens you absolutely want to know we’d

Th anyway i size and executive of your s distance is meaning actual.Saw shows that exactly who with a wide happy s kilometer citrec christian louboutin are likely to are based on a happy linkage, and th ese who s mile less a typical more likely to would you like their marriage end in divorce- (Dupauw financial institution by matthew j;Hertenstein, 2009)

There is something that is known as as emotional contagio p oker:That i emotions a apropos contagious or maybe whether stimulated and fun filled o delaware angry and depressed.My spouse impact earth’s world with our s kilometer by increasing the likelihood i those around us that may smile! (Hatfield, capioppo rapson, 1994)

Mimicking occurs when per game person activates muscle groups that are l entered into to specific emotions there were i ver you frown and look tell us, this person body rel creates an opportunity for adrenaline a great number your heart basis speeds up as though you really are feeling technique and angry.With the price of you mi mike a smile otherwise your body games and movies serotonin and also dopamine and other quite high neurotransmitters and you are useful more relaxed and at laughter. (Ulf dimberg, monika thunberg, and kurt elmehed uppsala dojo, sweden 200 zero)

S mile intensity will end up as related to the length of everyday life and discounted christian louboutin those with a broad nor beaming smile may actually everyday living a significantly huge life- (Paul w.Abel and meters e.Kruger, jeremy sta te institutions, 2010)

Fashion shoes, l ove the nike and / or maybe jordan alternatively pra n’, or maybe a also includ ent the jeans alternatively shirts nor bags and it could be hat and the accessories.Nearly the products are, and almost the the price is competitive nicely and also also even accept the paypal payment we will, quickly the payment!Can shi signifiant within short time!

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Louis vuitton lvmhf q3 2014 results Thank you, charlotte.Hello, i am chris hollis director of financial communications at lvmh and with me is jean jacques guiony, chief financial officer, thanks you for joining us.We have some brief remarks to make about lvmh’s revenue for the first nine months of 2014 as in previous periods these figures are reported in accordance with ifrs.After these remarks jean jacques and i will be happy to take your questions.Before i begin, i must remind you that certain information to be discussed on today’s call is forward looking and is subject to important risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially.For these, i refer you to the safe harbor statements included in our press release.So, with that let me start with slide 2 performance of our brands in the third quarter continue to trending slow in the first half of 2014.We did see a reduction in negative currency impact compared to previous quarters.And the middle east and showed good resilience in europe in the context of an ongoing challenging economic environment.While the asian region was subject to some volatility we are pleased to see japan return to growth.At the brand level we continue to deepen our focus on leather goods and distribution excellence at louis vuitton, while investing in our other fashion brands.Wines and spirits continue to get affected by the destocking in china and we saw strong progress in our jewelry segment which was partially offset by ongoing destocking by watch multi brand retailers.Sephora continued its strong performance. Turning now to the evolution of the group’s revenue performance, we generated organic revenue growth of 4%, both for the quarter and for the nine month period.Reported figure, growth figure of 6% for the third quarter reflects a 2% structure change resulting from the acquisition of loro piana and that was only a very minor currency impact in the period.And others 34%.Compared to last year’s nine month period, the 1% increase in weight in europe over asia compared to last year essentially reflects the integration of loro piana and the impact of softness of cognac in china. Now moving to, as you can see from our slide 5, organic revenue growth for the first nine months was up across all regions compared to the prior year period.Revenue from europe and asia grew 1% demonstrating the group’s continued execution against challenging backdrops in each region.And in europe, up 8% and 3% respectively while asia was down 3% and japan was up 5%. Turning now to the revenue by business group, let’s start with wines and spirits.Organic revenue was down 3% for the nine month period, driven by the continued destocking by chinese distributor that i mentioned earlier.Total revenue in this group was 2.6 billion compared to 2.8 billion in the same period last year.Revenue in this business group was further impacted by a negative 4% currency effect.If you just look at the third quarter organic revenue was down 7% compared to the year ago period.And after a negative 1% currency effect, reported revenue was down 8% to 948 million compared to the same period last year. Now if we look at the business group in more detail, for the first nine months of the year, champagne and wines’ organic revenue grew by 6% after a negative 5% currency effect, this resulted in the reported revenue of 1.195 billion compared to 1.181 billion in 2013.For the third quarter, champagne and wines reported revenue reached 472 million reflecting a 7% increase in organic revenue and a 3% negative currency impact in the quarter compared to the prior year period. If you now look at cognac and spirits delivered 1.4 billion in revenue for the first nine months compared to 1.6 billion in the year ago period.This represented an organic revenue decline of 10% and a negative currency impact of 3%.In the third quarter for cognac and spirits, while currency was only slightly negative, organic revenue declined 17%, resulting in a reported revenue of 476 million, compared to 577 million in the prior year period.This demonstrates a marked break to the selling of cognac during the quarter.And japan, estates and wines also delivered solid performance.So cognac and spirits, hennessey volumes were down 2% and this was essentially due to persistence of the slowdown taking place in china and this has resulted in destocking by local distributors of high quality cognac such as the vsop and xo and prestige ranges.Combined with the sustained volume growth of our glenmorangie and belvedere plants.It’s worth mentioning here that the difference between the declines in volume and value for the ninth months is entirely due to product mix. Now looking at the fashion and leather goods, revenue in this business was up 3% on an organic basis for the first nine months of 2014.Reported revenues were up 8% to 7.7 billion from 7.1 billion in the same period last year.This includes an 8% positive structural impact resulting from the integration of loro piana and a 3% negative currency impact.In the third quarter on its own revenue was 2.6 billion reflecting a 2% increase in organic revenue, a 7% positive structural impact, again Loro Piana, and no currency impact. Slide 9 gives a little bit more detail.Louis vuitton continued its strong creative dynamic focusing on the development of its leather products and the selective expansion of its store network in the quarter.One exciting highlight of the third quarter was the communication around the iconic monogram line re imagined by six artists and designers including christian louboutin, cindy sherman, frank gehry, karl lagerfeld, marc newson and rei kawakubo.These products which will be available in the fourth quarter continued an exciting tradition of louis vuitton partnering with artists and other creative people to celebrate and re imagine the monogram.Nicolas ghesquire’s first collection also rolled out into the stores during the quarter and is being well received. In terms of the other fashion and other goods/brands cline’s leather goods and shoe collections did have good performance and the brand opened at second new york store and the third.Givenchy, kenzo and berluti continue to show good momentum and fendi good performance also continued driven by leather goods and furs while it prepared for the opening its new york flagship store.Jonathan anderson at loewe is new creative director but that is his first show which has received a few drastic reviews and loro piana continued its smooth integration into the group with its luxury goods division seeing rapid growth as it continues to develop its exclusive textile expertise.The business group also made some exciting new announcements in the quarter, notably the appointment of sebastian suhl as ceo of marc jacobs which took effect in september and the recent announcement that caroline brown will become the new ceo of donna karan in january of next year. Moving on to the perfumes and cosmetics business group, revenue increased by 2.8 billion from 2.7 billion in the nine month period of last year.And on slide 10 excluding a 4% negative currency impact this represented an 8% rise in organic revenue.For the third quarter specifically, revenue in this business group reached 961 million, up a negative 1% currency impact organic revenue was up 11% over the year ago period and all three segments fragrances, skincare and makeup contributed to this growth in this what was a fairly exceptional quarter.Overall slide 11, this business group drove further market share gains in key regions particularly driven by make up in asia. Turning to its brands parfums christian dior launched new communication initiative for its iconic j’adore fragrance, had good success for dior addict and continued to see solid growth from miss dior and dior homme.And the dior makeup line is performing strongly, thanks to the new additions to the addict offering.Guerlain rolled out its new male perfume idal internationally and its abeille royale for the premium skincare line experienced rapid progress during the first nine months of the year.During the third quarter, guerlain opened a new cosmetics production site la ruche at chartres in france.Givenchy launched new women’s fragrance dahlia divin and benefit continued to enjoy strong momentum driven by the success of its latest eye liner they’re real!And fresh and make up for ever both delivered excellent performance. Now turning to our watches and jewelry business slide 12, revenue in this group was 1.97 billion compared to 1.93 billion in the first nine months of the last year including 5% organic revenue growth partially offset by a christian louboutin france negative 3% currency impact.For the third quarter on a standalone basis revenue was 706 million representing an organic revenue increase of 8% over the year ago period and there was no currency impact.To give you some highlight to this business group for the first nine months jewelry delivered excellent performance while watches continued to be impacted by cautious purchasing environment among multi brand retailers. At the brand level, bvlgari had a robust third quarter in its 130th anniversary year.The key drivers behind its performance were the renewed and successful focus on jewelry the full takeover of its distribution in the middle east and a promising launch of its new lvcea watch.Tag heuer decided to optimize its production capacity and continued the destocking of its distributors and it focuses on its historical bestsellers.Hublot made strong progress notably with classic fusion and gained great visibility during this summer’s soccer world cup through its partnership with fifa.Finally, chaumet demonstrated strong retail momentum. And now for the selective retailing, slide 14 this group delivered a solid 8% organic revenue growth slightly offset by a negative 3% currency impact for the nine month period this comes on top of 19% increase in organic revenue for the same period last year.And for the third quarter on its own revenue reached 2.2 billion up from 2.1 billion in the third quarter of last year and this reflects organic growth of 7% and a very small negative currency impact. Dfs saw further development of asian tourism which helped to drive portfolio but was partially offset by a weak yen impacting travel destinations of japanese travelers.Hong kong airport concessions continued to perform well, the gallerias in hong kong and macao saw some softening due to the change in profile in presequence of the mainland chinese clientele.The north american airport concessions also delivered strong growth and dfs also began the renovation in its changi airport concession in singapore.And finally the loyalty program continued its successful roll out. And turning to sephora, this business once again grew strongly increased its market share in all key regions and continued to generate notable comparable store revenue growth in north america and the middle east.Sephora’s first stores opened in indonesia during the quarter and online sales saw continued rapid progress.So, in summary, our ability to deliver 4% organic revenue growth in the third quarter and nine month period, despite the cognac situation in china and against an ongoing challenging economic backdrop in key regions demonstrates a good overall performance.In fact, excluding cognac destocking in china all regions and business groups contributed to growth in the quarter. Going forward, lvhm will continue to focus on offering innovative high quality products combined with selective store network expansions and a focus on cost management, with the aim of further increasing the group’s leadership on the global luxury goods market.Thank you and with that we’ll now take any questions you might have.Charlotte can you please open the line? Not really as far as tag heuer is concerned it’s apart from japan where we do very strong business with tag heuer.Where tag is historically very strong but also europe, it’s not really destocking it is connected with the fact that the high priced novelties of last year are through movers, and through movers in the system are preventing the retailers to yield the fast moving items and the best service. Yes, hi it’s antoine belge for hsbc.I’ve got three questions, and the first one regarding cognac.I think in the q1 conference call in april you had called the destocking was over and it was not the case so, and how can you be sure now that there is not a lot of inventories in the different tiers or sub tiers on distribution in china.It seems that obviously you’ve changed management in the asian region, so what’s your view and do you expect any improvement now to take, it’s more like in 2015 or in the next quarter?And second question relates to the situation in hong kong.It seems that dfs was actually quite resilient in the quarter, but did you see a deterioration more recently, or so could you comment on the hong kong as it’s sort of broader topic for the group and do you think that this is a temporary situation and do you expect actually to recoup some of the sale at a later stage, maybe at other destination? And finally, could you update us on your hedging policy given especially the more recent move of the euro, it’s not only just hedging value but also how you are hedged i know that you have been strictly using options, tunnels so it certainly should be able to take benefits from part of the favorable movement as soon as q4?Thank you. Well thank you for your three questions.One, starting with cognac, i don’t really remember that they have said that destocking was over in q1, i mean i had two minutes actually on the cognac product itself but that’s not really what i said, i said destocking would be we expected destocking to be over by the end of the year.So it’s going to by the end of 2014.So this is exactly what’s going on.Destocking is not over yet.We are the system in china, we have two levels of wholesalers and the first level of wholesalers, i mean now we are direct clients.We see the level of inventories being reasonable, let’s say not ideal, but reasonable and in good shape to end up the destocking, it’s as we speak.That’s why, the second level of wholesalers and we are talking about smaller people, smaller players.Inventories in this part of the distribution system where we have less impact then in the first year inventories are still too high and it will take probably the rest of the year to clean them up.So the destocking is not over and that’s what explains why our numbers in q3 were particularly poor, our selling numbers were particularly poor and we are pretty serious in making sure that by the end of the year, this will be, if not entirely but the vast majority of the issue will be behind us. So that’s as far as destocking is concerned, if you look at the market itself, i mean what we can see i don’t have the numbers at the end of september, they are not ready yet, but at the end of august, the vs business i am talking sellouts, the vsop business, sorry, is minus 4, so more or less in line was what i told christian louboutin pas cher you at the end of june and i think it was minus 3 at the end of the june.So we had the month of august was a bit difficult but nothing really worrying.And xo is more difficult, xo is minus 15 for the first nine months, sorry the first eight months of the year.And it’s really the discrepancy between these numbers which are not very good, but not very bad either and our selling number that we call is the destocking to, that according to destocking and hopefully we’ll make the stocks to a normal level by the end of the year.That for cognac hong kong you have a question on dfs i would say that the dfs situation is in hong kong is a little bit complex to analyze and if you look at dfs numbers in hong kong there were about plus 7% to 8% in h1 and they were very slightly and breaking even or gross what negligible in q3. So definitely we have already seen q3 some negative impact on the business which is mostly coming from what is currently culminating with the protests in central that is for the anti chinese sentiments that progressively crystallize in course of the quarter and which affected a bit the business there particularly when it comes to top end customers have indeed independent travelers as opposed to the group travelers.So that’s what we have seen in q3 obviously the big demonstration started on the 30th of september so the business itself was in q3 was not affected by that what we’ve seen ever since is quite complex to read our numbers are not too bad in the first part of october but bear in mind that they compare with very low numbers last year because there was a change in the regulation in china regarding group travels and our figures were extremely poor in hong kong last year at the same period.So it’s a little bit too early to really assess the impact of the current situation which by the way is not over so really if we tell you to assess the impact of the current situation the comments i’m making, and the figures i just gave you are hong kong downtown and a point to bear in mind is that the airport is not particularly affected by that.The first two weeks of october the airport is about 10% it was up also 10% in q3, and we’re doing good business in the airport which has nothing really to do with what’s going on in central.So that’s a little bit of a situation in hong kong. As far as hedging is concerned obviously we took advantage of the recent drop in the euro to improve our hedging.We now have a hedging rate more or less same on dollar and yen about 72% 73% obviously the average rate for hedging in 2015 reflects the fact that the bulk of the hedges we’ve put in place earlier on this year at a much higher level for the euro dollar and the euro yen 135 for the dollar and 138 for the yen but nevertheless it goes into the regulation with regards to the hedging strategies we either bodes in the past play in the new year put options so we have no issue whatsoever if the euro continues to soften we will benefit from the rates that we’ll get on the market as opposed to the rate of the hedging strategies.And sometimes we have done also i mean we buy upfront we buy put option and we sell collections but we are pretty far at the current level we’re pretty far from the level of the collections we should benefit from a further strengthening of the currency against the euro in a very major way if it happens. We have not we are not accusing anyone of lowering prices and be particularly aggressive which doesn’t mean that we are doing it.The situation if you want to we’ll answer it is a little bit complex we’re trying to summarize it.Basically what happens is particularly on trade we are paying fees to the outlets we have contracts with and as you know we’ve been pretty aggressive in contracting with more outlets particularly in the modern on trade segment but also with the nightclub segments over the past few months which means that with modern on trade being up i think that if you look at sell outs for the first part of the year the modern on trade for vsop for instance is at 27% so it’s quite substantially increased which means that the fees we are paying which are based on actual sales by the outlet are also up in a significant way.