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It is almost getting to the point where we should make one daily RIAA post that covers who is suing, who aOlernKienOP
Authentic Shoes Olympic 6s is getting sued, what aOlernKienOP
Buy Mens Shoes Infrared 23 3s jurisdiction the RIAA has and doesn’t have and what side of the fence your local politician is on. Honestly, we only cover the RIAA stuff because we know how important it is to everyone. You can’t help but wonder how much all of this is aOlernKienOP
Order Shoes Toro Bravo 4s costing.

The United States’ largest supplier of ADSL broadband connections is challenging the recording industry’s current campaign of targeting song swappers with a lawsuit filed late on Wednesday, charging that the RIAA is violating its customers’ right to privacy. Pacific Bell Internet Services (PBIS), operated by telecommunications giant SBC Communications, challenged the subpoenas served against it by the RIAA on procedural grounds, arguing that hundreds of them were served improperly. Most of you can benefit from this write up, I see a few things I can do to my rigs right now. Check it out.

At aOlernKienOP
Buy Real Womens Sport Blue 14s Tweak3D, we insist on having our PCs run squeaky clean: as fast as possible with the given hardware. We like to turn off silly graphical effects and clean up hard drives for maximum efficiency. So today, I’ve written a short guide on making your aging Windows XP installation run like new. Reinstalling the OS usually takes too much aOlernKienOP
Order Online Carmine 6s time and aOlernKienOP
Cheap But Real Bobcats 10s effort, so for now we’ll just ‘refresh’ our Windows XP install with a few tricks of the trade.

Here is a quicky one pager review of the video card. This is the card with the goofy looking HSF that resembles a radio with two speakers. The review doesn’t have much for pictures of the HSF though, just a few of the normal press aOlernKienOP
Order Online Womens Shoes Steel Grey 10s photos. The fellas give it a whopping 10 out of 10, so there must be something to it.

As mentioned before, the A350 is entirely encased in an aluminum heatsink. The top piece is Leadtek’s Twin Turbo II cooling system. Underneath the cover is a copper heatsink that attaches to the GPU with aluminum, which then covers the memory aOlernKienOP
New Style Cool Grey 10s chips. The cover houses two 50mm fans, which are quiet, yet surprisingly aOlernKienOP
New Style Playoffs 8s efficient.

If you are of the thinking that "thermal compound is thermal compound", you wouldn’t be alone.

The problem with current commercial pastes is that they have focused too long on the thermal conductivity of the aOlernKienOP
Such Quality Of Cheap Powder Blue 3s material, and not on the fundamental principle of a thermal paste, which is gap filling. Silicone based ‘goop’ from radio shack is fairly thermally conductive, but the size of the particles and the terrible spreadability cause it to be more of an aOlernKienOP
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3DFX Story, Part II:

Sudhian has posted aOlernKienOP
Cheap Authentic Concord 2s up part two of their 3DFX retrospective aOlernKienOP
Buy Online Cheap Air Jordan 3 Fear titled "A Fallen Titans Final Glory". Some really good nostalgia stuff in this write up, but today’s installment holds a very nice treat, some hi res Voodoo5 6000 pictures and benchmarks as well.

Looking at our assembled benchmarks, there’s no doubt that the Voodoo5 6000 packed one mother of a punch, offering frame rates 30 50% higher than the GeForce2 GTS in most benchmarks and competing well against the Ultra and GeForce3. Yet when you consider the mammoth amount of RAM the V5 6K needed to compete at this level (plus the huge amount of PCB real estate those four GPU’s occupied), the card begins to look like less of a deal. It looks as though we will have over 30,000 square feet to work with and seating for over 1000. The [H]Worshop will take place on Saturday, August, 16 at 1PM and will be at the Adam’s Mark Hotel in Downtown Dallas. There is NO CHARGE for this event but registration is required. Anand of AnandTech fame will be joining us as well!! We are rounding up prizes for sponsors currently.

id Software has also signed off on RatPadzGS for this year and is allowing us to supply a FREE RatpadzGS to every person bringing a machine into the BYOC. The estimated BYOC count for this year is over 2000 folks!!!

So all in all, even if you cannot get into the BYOC, as it is booked, we would love to have you come down for our workshop. There will of course be vendor areas and plenty of other stuff going on that is yet to be announced.

As this was only announced last week, we are just starting to line up prize sponsors. As of today, we have BFG Technologies and HackerThreads lined up to donate prizes consisting on GeForceFX 5900 video cards and [H]ardWear. We also have great stuff from the fine folks at Alpha Novatech, CoolerMaster, EPoX, Logitech, Thermalright and TYAN.

AOpen AK79D 400 Max:

PCStats has a little nForce2 mainboard review action posted today. The gang seems pleased with the AOpen AK79D 400 Max nForce2 board and had very good overclocking results to boot.

Even though AOpen motherboards are not known for their overclockability like brands such as Epox or Abit, we had quite a bit of luck with the AK79D 400 Max. While maintaining the most aggressive memory aOlernKienOP
New Style Air Jordan 6 Brazil World Cup timings we were able to hit a nice 223 MHz FSB. Lowering the memory timings gave us a result of 234 MHz!

What do you do to improve on an awesome card like the 9800Pro 128MB? Do what they did with the Gigabyte Radeon9800Pro and slap a total of 256MB on the aOlernKienOP
Online Womens Shoes Photo Blue 9s card. It might not drastically improve performancebut what the hell, if you are gonna go big, you might as well go aOlernKienOP
Sale Cheap Air Jordan 8 Phoenix Suns all out.

As one can tell from the benchmarks above, Gigabyte R9800Pro 258MB is one of the fastest gaming cards on the planet. Its performance is even more astonishing when overclocked to 442Core/782Memory, where it scored aOlernKienOP
2014 Online Discount Sale Slam Dunk 6s 14094 in 3DMark2001SE at a resolution of 102476832bit with 4xFSAA and 4x Anisotropic filtering. On the flip side, it is also one of the most expensive graphics cards on the planet.

VIA has teamed up with SRI to develop a platform in which a team of small robots is based on. The robots or aOlernKienOP
Buy Authentic Womens Black Tongue 5s "Centibots" are used in search and rescue, they can be deployed as a unit, they will map the area and then search it. Very cool stuff, definitely worth checking out. research institute, today announced a live demonstration of "Centibots", SRI’s Linux based robots, at IDG’s LinuxWorld 2003 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco aOlernKienOP
100% Authentic Concord 2s from August 5 7. Demonstrations will be held at the VIA booth 1776, and at the "Taste of Linux Theater" event held at the show on August 6, the Centibots will navigate a course to find a hidden Linux aOlernKienOP
New Style Air Jordan 6 Slam Dunk penguin doll.

Posted by Steve 12:08 PM (CST)

Nero 6 Bug:

I had better pass this one along since a lot of us use Nero 6 for burning CDs. Apparently there is a serious bug that will wipe your hard drive clean if you accidentally select the wrong thing. Worth looking into.

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