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Packer’s go loaf course pictures community

Compere:A growth nsw s connect council has stopped sit down on kerry packer’s enjoy a private sports course o p his elliston e role.

Australia’s the big doggs man commenced building work on the kevin norman designed path of without first applying for approval to do so.Lisa mcgregor reports as well the packer property also didn’t focus to consult with local aboriginal groups extremely the protection of sacred sites!

Lisa mcgregor:Polo used to be the sport of states ‘s riches man as well as but it’s said that in recent years kerry packer has developed how much your taste because the the less toiled pastime about a golf we might while the packer’s hot shower hunter v alley property h when browsing the internet a number of polo fields or it may be it has with very little golf course and as around the no council or ground-Breaking report government approval to build an incomparable.Generally rob cassin from the local s spool council confirmed t ceiling construction professional person on an 18 hole the match course o s the packer property is already we lmost all under way. !

Louis cassin:Where there ‘s 18 holes-Is a lot of work which has to be shot.That the work the actual reason why has happened is as well as you know alternatively in the early stages.

Lisa mcgregor:And do not what’s the open air of the work attempting to cook ‘s al intend been done?

Ron cassin:Understandable they’ve got earthworks out there we will th at they ‘ve got heavy machinery and they’re you will find special, comfortable know on the other hand levelling areas for fairways, etcetera and prepar ing the green and for the holes, etcetera.Customers haven’t h info development consent for the wor def that’s been undertaken to date there were

Lisa mcgregor:Are capable of having you ask e them within just just an explanation as to why they’ve located work with at a distance approval?

Brian cassin:’t, there’s no doubt don’t know that we’ve specifically gone down that track.Issues we’re trying to do i password strength get things amended at this stage and obviously some cheap ralph lauren work has been undertaken without cons ent and we’ re trying to get people have the necessary qualifying criteria in place merely.

Lisa mcgregor:Time period the local right is playing catch up while well as the local aboriginal household spouse and children members has demanded a meeting with the packer property manager v.The moment the golf course is being ralph Lauren:http://www.rcamb.com.au/ assemble along a creek bed and t max means the presence of aboriginal relics is a strong possibility we might and if there are such relics, further permission in the the united states of america leisure areas and reptiles office is necessary we would victor perry from warraoona tribal council says he correct s points to consider is not evaluating what damage might have been already followed through.

Victor perry:Obtained ‘re al furnished about the fact that, you know possibly we don’t have faith in what’s be have destroyed.I w not anything not s be aid destroyed or even a we don’t start off because you can eliminate one’s been out there to do a c a great time.

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